Books, Poetry & Prose: [11] My 25 Favourite Books

Books, Poetry & Prose

Samples of my very own Poetry and Short Stories, and one or two not so short stories, as well as my thoughts on Books, Writing, Life and the Universe.

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Location: Gold Coast, Australia

I was born in Motherwell, an industrial town in Scotland. I have lived in various parts of the world, including Edinburgh, London, New York, Seattle and now Australia's Gold Coast Hinterland where I have settled with my Australian wife Kerrianne. If you are into Books, Literature and Writing, welcome to my weblog. If not, welcome anyway.

  • [72]The Politics of Ignorance and Fear
  • [71]What Celtic Means To Me
  • [70]Aussie Cave Man
  • [69]No Shit
  • [68]Smoking Damages Your Brain
  • [67]Whatever Happened To Private Grief?
  • [66]A Lucrative Enterprise?
  • [65]To A Fart
  • [64]Scotland's Shame
  • [63]Bank Aid
  • [62]It's A Girl Thing
  • [61]The Kids Are Alright
  • [60]Return to Sender
  • [59]Gender Poetry
  • [58]Humour for Wordsmiths
  • [57]The Gold Coast
  • [56]A Glasgow Dynasty : Part 6 - Erchie's First Sale
  • [55]I Haven't Lived
  • [54]A Glasgow Dynasty: Part 5 - Slappin' a Polis
  • [53]A Glasgow Dynasty: Part 4 - Pissin' up a Close
  • [52]The God Delusion
  • [51]Maternal Advice
  • [50]A Glasgow Dynasty: Part 3 - Broken Biscuits
  • [49]A Killing Kindness
  • [48]A Glasgow Dynasty: Part 2 - Pissin' in the Sink
  • [47]A Glasgow Dynasty: Part 1 - The Man Fae The TV Licence
  • [46]A Slap on the Face
  • [45]How Did We Survive?
  • [44]The Black Hole
  • [43]Buried Alive
  • [42]The World Cup
  • [41]In the Movies...
  • [40]My Favourite Writers: James Kelman
  • [39]Vital Football
  • [38]My Favourite Beer
  • [37]The Dream
  • [36]Comb For Sale
  • [35]McNulty's Law
  • [34]Beware of the Dog
  • [33]The Substitute: An Extract from my Novel
  • [32]Books That Became Films
  • [31]Tall Boys and Wide Girls
  • [30]My First Novel: The Substitute
  • [29]My Favourite Writers: Louis de Bernières
  • [28]My 25 Favourite Films
  • [27]Decisions Decisions
  • [26]Devil's Desire
  • [25]Pain or Pleasure
  • [24]Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings
  • [23]No More Tears
  • [22]Dame Muriel Spark 1918-2006
  • [21]10 Things I Miss About Scotland
  • [20]Little Red Riding Hood
  • [19]Natural Bridge
  • [18]Journey to Nowhere
  • [17]Westminster Man
  • [16]My 25 Favourite Albums
  • [15]Bless Me Father
  • [14]Overdrawn
  • [13]I've had it with Born-Again Christians
  • [12]Moonwalking
  • [11]My 25 Favourite Books
  • [10]Heroes and Sinners
  • [09]Thinking of Kerry
  • [08]An American Dream
  • [07]Never Again
  • [06]Under A Bridge
  • [05]Deep-Fried Madness
  • [04]Man in a Bookshop
  • [03]Was There A Time?
  • [02]The Executioner
  • [01]Will I Know Her?
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    Moby Dick

    "Nobody is perfect, but if you strive for perfection, you will never descend to mediocrity."


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    The Schoolboy
    Our Lady's High School, Motherwell 1966

    Fyodor Dostoevsky
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    [11] My 25 Favourite Books

    In no particular order of preference:

    Birdsong - Sebastian FaulksTrainspotting - Irvine Welsh1984 - George OrwellChocky - John WyndhamCrime and Punishment - Fyodor DostoevskyAngela's Ashes - Frank McCourtThe Last Juror - John GrishamTreasure Island - Robert Louis StevensonThe Secret History - Donna TarttThe Ragged Trousered Philanthropists - Robert TressellThe Magic Mountain - Thomas MannTo Kill a Mocking Bird - Harper LeeMetamorphosis - Franz KafkaLord of the Flies - William GoldingHow Late It Was, How Late - James KelmanLanark - Alisdair GrayThe Idiot - Fyodor DostoevskyGulliver's Travels - Jonathan SwiftThe God of Small Things - Arundhati RoyGreat Expectations - Charles DickensThe Gulag Archipelago - Aleksandr SolzhenitsynDavid Copperfield - Charles DickensCancer Ward - Aleksandr SolzhenitsynCaptain Corelli's Mandolin - Louis de Bernières

    and my favourite book of all time is

    The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas


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